GoDetect™ version 8

GoDetect is used to automatically determine reactions with small-scale sensitivity testing (SSST) by more than a dozen national and industry laboratories. Use of this software is subject to the Terms of Use. More info here: Version 8.0.3 Release Notes. Safety Management Services developed this software. It has been covered by multiple patents: patent numbers 9,202,145 and 9,654,742.

GoDetect™ ESD

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Use a Phanotm camera and the software to automatically determine if a reaction occurred using the state-of-the-art image-based machine-learning algorithm utilizing resnet34 architecture (fastai).

GoDetect™ View

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Use the viewer to choose if a reaction occurred using a Phantom camera with an ABL Friction, MBOM Impact, or any other small-scale sensitivity test equipment.

GoDetect™ Terms of Use

By using this application of GoDetect™, you agree to the following terms:
  • You will not reproduce this software application or the files associated with its operation for commercial use.
  • You will not share the software application or any of the files associated with it with anyone outside your immediate group.
  • You will share any improvements desired or completed with the manufacturer, Safety Management Services, Inc.
  • You will not modify any of the files defining the function or operation of GoDetect version 8 without coordinating such efforts with Safety Management Services, Inc.
  • You will not hold Safety Management Services, Inc. responsible or otherwise accountable for the consequences of use of this software including when used to make safety determinations.